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NP Golf Shop is a golf sales and repair center in Gardena, CA. We can handle any and all types of golf club repair. That includes custom alterations to irons or woods. With more than 40 years of experience, we've repaired, restored, and customized thousands of clubs to original condition or even better.

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Standard Shaft Install

NP Golf technicians have the necessary skill, equipment and experience to replace any graphite or steel golf club shaft.

Bore Through Shaft Install

It requires specialized equipment and years of experience to install a bore-through golf club shaft properly. The experienced have the proper equipment for this tricky installation.

Remove & Shorten Shaft

Sometimes a shaft just does not fit your swing. The technicians at NP Golf can remove or modify your golf club shaft while leaving the rest of your club unharmed.

Lengthen Shaft without Grip

It is easy to take away length but difficult to add length to a golf club shaft. The technicians at NP Golf have the necessary skill to extend the length of your current golf club shaft.

Grip Install

The swing starts with the grip. NP Golf Technicians are skilled at replacing old or worn grips.

Save Grip

If you have found the perfect grip and want to transfer it to another club, NP Golf technicians are skilled at removing grips while maintaining their structural integrity.

Change Loft / Life on Iron

At NP Golf, we know how important loft and lie is when it comes to getting maximum distances and accuracy. Our skilled technicians have the equipment and experience necessary to bend your clubs to meet you specific loft and lie needs.

Repair Ferrule

The ferrule connects the club head to the hosel. Over time, this piece can become worn or even break. The technicians at NP Golf can replace the ferrule quick and get you back on the links in no time.

Re-epoxy Head

A loose or broken club head is no reason to go buy a new set of clubs. The NP Golf technicians can replace or repair the club head to like-new condition. After the technicians at NP Gold finish re-epoxying the club head to the shaft, you will not be able to tell the difference between your club and a brand new one.

Remove Rattle

Does your club sound like a baby’s rattle? Over time, small pieces can break free inside the club. This causes that annoying rattle. NP Golf Technicians can correct this problem.

Re-Chrome Shafted Iron

Not only is worn chrome unsightly, it can lead to a loss in the overall integrity of the club. NP Technicians can restore the chrome and your club to like-new condition.